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Do you want unique looking, beautiful and durable floors for your house or commercial property? We at H Town Epoxy are a specialist epoxy flooring company. Whether you want to install a new floor or are looking to upgrade from your existing floor, we can do it. We have a talented team who know how to mix, and apple epoxy floors to give your house durable and amazing looking floors that you will fall in love with. Be it the floors of your bedroom, kitchen , bathroom or garage, epoxy is a great choice to have. We use high quality epoxy solutions so
you get the best in the industry.

H Town Epoxy has various types of epoxy flooring solution that you can choose from. We create unique epoxy designs that make your floors stand out. Whether you want a marble effect or simple solid color to complement the rest of the aesthetics of your house or commercial building, we have got you covered. No matter what your flooring needs are with H Town Epoxy you can be assured about the quality of your floors.

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Residential Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking to install a new floor or trying to replace your existing floor?Why not upgrade to epoxy flooring? Epoxy flooring can completely transform the way your house looks. It is way more customizable than any other flooring type. Epoxy flooring is just as durable if not more durable than other flooring solutions. They look amazing and could be given the look of a marble, stone, granite, etc. Epoxy floors are great for bathroom and kitchen due to their water resistance. Unlike tile floors they don’t have grouts that will trap dirt. You can easily clean the epoxy floor with soap solution. It is scratch resistant, stain resistant and safe. If you have a lot of family members, the floor is also amazing against heavy foot traffic. We are epoxy flooring experts that can choose the best design of epoxy floor to match the rest of your house.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

We install epoxy flooring for commercial properties such as malls, retail stores, restaurants, schools, offices, etc. These floors work amazing with heavy foot traffic. They work amazing in places such as warehouses where heavy things are always falling on the floor. Epoxy floors don’t break or crack like concrete or tile floors. They have a lot of give, making them extremely durable. They are acoustically noise reducing. They are easy to clean and do not get dirty, or get scratched as easily. They are also insulating unlike tiles that get extremely cold during winters. We are professionals at installing epoxy floors. Epoxy as a material is very tricky. Without trained professionals things could go very wrong. That is why we have the best team of professionals who will install the epoxy floor.

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Garage Epoxy Flooring

If you want your garage to look amazing when you open it to get your car in, why not install an epoxy floor. They are one of the best flooring material floor garages. They are extremely easy to clean when grease, oil get stuck to it. You just have to wash it with soap and water. Unlike concrete floors it does not soak the grease or oil and get stained forever. You don’t need to waste hours of your day just trying to remove the grease. SInce you can choose the color and design for your floor, it also makes epoxy flooring a very popular flooring material for homeowners. Epoxy flooring is amazing against harsh weather conditions such as cold, UV light, rain, etc. Installation and repair of epoxy flooring is much easier than other types of flooring material. If you choose to install epoxy floors for your property, give us a call.

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Basement Epoxy Flooring

If you are planning to renovate and convert your basement into a living space, epoxy flooring is the best solution. Epoxy flooring works best against moisture. It is insulating and extremely customisable.

We can help to transform your otherwise ignored basement by installing epoxy floors for your basement. Whether you want to store items, convert it into an entertainment roof, gym room, guest room, or something else, with an epoxy floor it will look amazing. H Town Epoxy has the expertise and experience to install epoxy floors for the basement.

We choose the best epoxy solution and help you choose a design that goes best with the basement look you are going for.

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial properties need a highly durable flooring option and that is why epoxy floors are optimal for it. Epoxy is resistant against natural wear and tear, as well as harsh chemicals that occur in an industrial setting.

They produce a seamless flooring solution giving smooth floors that are great in industrial settings. We can install durable epoxy floors for industries. Give us a call today.

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Metallic Epoxy Floor

Metallic epoxy floors can be identified with their dazzling unique looks. They are bright and shiny, giving a metallic look to your floor. Metallic floors make an amazing focal point. They will look great in bars, living rooms, and certain kinds of stores. To know if a metallic floor is something that will fit you, talk to our epoxy experts. If you need professional metallic floor installation for your commercial or residential property, let us know. We know the right color and type of metallic epoxy floor that will fit your property. Give us a call today to get metallic floors installed.

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