Epoxy Flooring In Houston, TX 77002

H Town Epoxy is one of the oldest and well known epoxy floors in Houston, Texas.  H Town Epoxy is a licensed and insured epoxy floor installers in the town.

Top Rated Epoxy Flooring In Houston

We have trained professionals who know safe and effective ways of installing epoxy floors. Whether you are installing new floors or upgrading your existing floors into an epoxy one, we can help.

We know how to effectively prepare and pour the epoxy resin so it gives you durable floors that lasts for ages. If you need an epoxy flooring company you can rely on, give us a call.

Residential Epoxy Flooring In Houston

If your existing tile, hardwood or concrete floors have deteriorated and you want something new, durable, easy to clean and beautiful looking, go for epoxy floors.

Epoxy floors are perfect for all kinds of uses. Whether it is in wet areas like your shower or areas that get dirty like your garage floor. This water, stain and scratch resistant floor is perfect for houses.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Epoxy floors work amazing in all kinds of commercial settings. In places such as offices, warehouses where there is a lot of foot traffic, or even traffic of small transport vehicles, epoxy works amazing. It is resistant to cracking even when heavy objects fall on it. It can be color coded, bordered with different colored epoxy, painted and more.

Garage Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Do you want garage floors to look great. Your garage is often what outsiders see of your property. It is stained, broken, cracked, it doesn;t put a good impression on outsiders. Epoxy floors are the perfect solution for garage floors. They make maintaining the garage doors so much easier.

Basement Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Looking to install an epoxy floor for your basement? You have come to the right place. We are epoxy specialists in Houston. We can help you choose a color and design for your basement floor that goes with the overall aesthetics. The color choice may depend on the furnithing, the lights and what you will be using the basement for. We make sure to use the best quality epoxy to install the floor for your basement.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Safety is a primary consideration in industrial environments. To avoid slip-and-fall incidents, factory and industrial plant floors should have non-slip surfaces. For staff safety, epoxy flooring provides a non-slip surface. Even when there are liquid accidents, the epoxy top layer makes the floor much safer. Aside from that, such a covering brightens the floor, allowing personnel to see well.

Metallic Epoxy Floor In Houston

A metallic pigment is mixed with epoxy resin to give it that distinct metallic color. It is used in epoxy floor design ideas. Sometimes it is put as a coating to give your existing floor a metallic hue. You could look at pictures of metallic epoxy floors to see if it is something you would be interested in installing in your house or commercial property. We use the right proportions of the and the right technique to mix and install the metallic epoxy floor so it looks great in your property.


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