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We are Houston’s go to epoxy flooring company. Homeowners and commercial property managers come to us when they need quality installation. H Town Epoxy have some of the most skilled professionals working for us.

Top Rated Epoxy Flooring In Houston

When it comes to installing the best looking epoxy floors, we are the first choice. We help you get the best quality epoxy solution at affordable prices. We are proud of the quality of the floor we installed.

Our customers love our epoxy floors and highly recommend us to anyone looking to install one.

Residential Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Although epoxy floors are more common in commercial settings, they can also make a great flooring option for homes. They can be installed in garages and basements. New types of epoxy floor designs could also be installed for living rooms. We can show you all the possible epoxy floor looks you could go for. Since epoxy floors come in various colors, there is no end to what you can choose from. If you need an epoxy floor installed for your house, choose the best in the industry by calling us.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Epoxy systems are a type of plastic coating that is exceptionally strong, robust, rigid, and impact resistant. Poured resin is an ideal, safe, and long-lasting business flooring solution because it has no edges, cuts, or joints. It is possible to personalise it. It may also be simply sanded and polished to meet your colours or unique requirements if you change your interior, merchandise, brand, or design. When working on a commercial flooring project, there are numerous factors to consider. Surface cracks, pits, stains, and damage can all be repaired with epoxy. Epoxy flooring systems are perfect for high-traffic commercial settings like hospitals, sports/event venues, schools, and more.

Garage Epoxy Flooring In Houston

The anti-slip and easily cleanable property of epoxy floor makes it the first contender for garage floor. Garage floor gets dirty fast. Whether it is from oil spoils or the dirt that comes with the tyres. Epoxy floors make it easy to wash and dry the floor. It is not absorbing and thus does not stain like concrete and other floors. It is also resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

Basement Epoxy Flooring In Houston

Do you want a solid colored basement floor that is shiny, slip resident, and brightens the surrounding as well as acoustic. They are perfect if you want to change the basement into an entertainment room, gaming room, music practice room. The sounds will be absorbed by the somewhat softer floor unlike concrete that enhances the sounds. Not to mention the epoxy floor is resistant to water damage. Mold and mildew don’t easily destroy it.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring In Houston

In high-traffic regions, Industrial Epoxy is commonly employed. It’s critical to hire an experienced applicator who can complete the work correctly the first time. The last thing you want is a huge slab with the improper mix of epoxy and hardeners that peels up six months later. For industrial concrete slabs, we utilise a variety of materials, including epoxy with quartz additive and polyaspartic top coatings, to create a highly durable floor that can withstand machinery and chemical spills.

Metallic Epoxy Floor In Houston

Metallic epoxy is perfect for places that need to stand out. The bright and vibrant look of metallic epoxy floors make them unique. If you need a company that knows how to install metallic floors the right way, you have got us. We know the right proportions to use epoxy and metallic pigment to create a distinctive look of the epoxy floor without altering its properties.

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We install floors wherever is feasible for you. If your commercial property needs an epoxy floor installed during the weekend we can help you with it.
We are professional and skilled professionals with more than 30 years of experience.
Our team provides an affordable solution to all your epoxy flooring needs.
We use highly quality epoxy material that makes your floor highly durable.
We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and do our best to achieve the same.

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